In Wild Revolt Against Herself: Further Validation

In Wild Revolt Against Herself

Katie is a 22-year-old living in Los Angeles, CA.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Further Validation

I went to Bookfellows on my lunch break. I less than three that store so, so much. The owner, Christine, gave me advice on which editions of each of Peter Beagle’s books I should get signed as gifts for people, and we had a great time chatting about this and that, when suddenly she shattered all the fun.
C: You know, I haven’t seen your husband in here in a wh—
K: Is this about that Star Wars Collectors’ book you ordered? Is it in? He and I actually aren’t—we’ve decided—we’ve separated. And he’s living out of state.
C: …
K: I thought he was going to discuss his moving with you.
C: …
K: I’ll get his address and phone number to you so you can work out all the details about payment and everything.
C: …
K: …
C: I’m so sorry. That is just so, so sad…I like you both so much.
K: Well, so do we…it just didn’t make sense for us to be together anymore…I mean, last time we came in here together we had already separated. We’re still friends. And it’s really not that sad… [My heart is made of coal]
C: [looking through the books I’ve chosen for purchase] Of course you know about William Goldman. Most people your age don’t, you know. And Neil Simon…Kurt Vonnegut….you have exquisite taste.
K: [I am going to have to rent a storage unit just to contain my engorged ego] I…uh…well, I used to act, so—
C: And you ex-husband is getting a Star Wars book. Of course.
[There is a moment of companionable silence while she rings me up. Then her husband, Malcolm, walks up from the back of the store. ]
M: Katie! Been a while!
K: Sorry, I’ve been really busy…
M: [shoving my books in a bag] Wow, you really cleaned us out of Goldman this time, huh? Your husband ever read any of this, or does he just look at the pictures? [Laughs at his cleverness]
C: …!
K …
M: …?
K: Nathan doesn’t know how to read.


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